lilly pulitzer
Lovelies, being short has it's disadvantages, for sure: can't reach things, people think I'm 12. also has it's advantages! Today, I stumbled into Pink Link (a Lilly Pulitzer store) in Huntington Village and wandered over to the Girls' clothing rack; they had these adorable jersey dresses marked down 30-50%. I took a gamble and guess what--it fit! So, I bought it as a little end of summer (back to school) gift from me to me...we all need to do that sometimes, right? Check out the price difference in the girl's dress and the women's dress--I'm never shopping in the women's clothes again! 
That's my impressed face. 

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  1. Halo there! lurve this post!
    sometimes being short is depressing but your post makes my day better ;)