Labor day weekend started off with a big box delivered to the house. Clearly it needed to be indoctrinated to the family and turned into a human. This is how I think, and yes, I do think you should be worried about me.

On Thursday evening I met Andrey in Bryant Park- we had a few lovely minutes watching the Bryant Park yoga class. We left Bryant Park, popped over to Father Lovely's where Andrey helped him set up his printer. After that we met some friends for dinner at Katz's.

I am a true lover of Jewish Deli's- 2nd Avenue Deli and Ben's are on the top of my list. I liked Katz's- I didn't love Katz's. I've had better pastrami, brisket and half sour pickles. But it was a fun visit, and as I'd never been before and LOVE When Harry Met Sally, I'm glad we went.

Stepfather Lovely had been telling Andrey and I all about making your own tomato sauce- and when you make your own tomato sauce you must, must, must pick your own tomatoes (for practical (cost saving) reasons and for posterities sake). So this weekend we decided to drive out to Lenny Bruno Farms in Manorville and pick two bushels of tomatoes. It was hot and the weeds and plants made our legs itch, but we had a nice drive out there and it didn't take too long filling the bushel baskets with tomatoes and a few peppers.

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