Loving...the gym. I've been eating lunch at school and it makes it so much easier to get to the gym. Rather than going home and getting stuck there, I stop on my way home and knock out a work out. I love it! I love getting a good sweat on and knowing for the rest of the day I've done something really good for myself.

Obsessing over...my $15 Ellen Tracy pencil skirt from Costco. I wear it all. the. time. So comfy and easy to pair with tops.

Vexed at...other drivers. Turn signals aren't just a cool idea. Cutting in front of me in the rain with no turn signal is just dumb.

Eating...grapes. Like a boss. Soon I will turn into a grape.

Linking to...Bonnie's post about what inspires her to move! What great motivation- and what a lovely way to honor those around her who do good for themselves on the regular. I am inspired by her post even...in fact, I think someday soon you'll see a copy cat post coming from me!

Yesterday was...okay. Fast. Emotional. I left Andrey for the week (cloud) but got to hang with Olivia all day (sunshine!). Plus, we had the day off from school- which was nice, but I thought today was Monday all day!

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