Loving: Sweet potatoes! I've been eating them a ton since being on the Whole30 and "going paleo" with my lifestyle. My new love is sweet potatoes, fried in coconut oil, with apple pie spice on top. So decadent!
Obsessing Over: The future. Who doesn't obsess over the future?
Vexed at: Public Storage. I owned a unit for literally 15 minutes (seriously), and they were coming after me for more money. Not cool, Public Storage. Thankfully my incessant tweeting about them to all the major news stations got them to call me frantically twice. Go me.
Eating: So much coconut oil, with every meal. I even threw it into Eric's mac and cheese (I used coconut manna, which is a little thicker), in place of butter!
Linking to: Delighted Momma's recipe on how to make your own almond flour!
Yesterday was: a long day. It was the type of day in which you find yourself rearranging your living room at 11PM. Seriously.

Okay, chicks, what are you L.O.V.E.L.Y. today?! 

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