When I was back in college I was a resident advisor to a theme house (shoutout to Asia Tree House!), and the woman, Michelle, who ran all the theme houses, had us do this "Sunshine/Cloud" game. We all went around and said one thing which was the sunshine of our day, and one thing which was the cloud. I still do this with my students, except we call it the "Sol/Nubes" game! (that's Latin for sun/clouds). So, here's my sunshines and clouds for today...

  • Eric will be playing his regular gig at the vineyard this weekend and I can't wait to bring lunch, some good books, and some school work...sit back and just relax! While he's playing music for 4 hours, I get a mini-vacation. 
  • My cousin's engagement party this weekend! So excited for them.
  • I got my tush on the treadmill today, and as much as I hated it, I did my one mile. Go me!
  • Parenthood is on tonight!


Okay, do share: what's your sunshine and cloud of today? 

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