Palmer Vineyard Set

Today marks the start of something we've been doing for the last three years: heading out to Palmer Vineyards for the weekend so Eric can play with his band, Millers Crossing. Though the photograph of Eric up there shows him playing guitar, which he usually does with MC, this weekend he'll be playing upright bass (photos to come!). I love heading out to the vineyard. I set up my stuff on a table, kick back, relax, read, do some work, and eat lunch. It's like a mini vacation for me. 

So, what am I bringing with me? The newest New York Magazine (thanks, Faculty Room!); my 6th grade textbook and some work to do; my Nook, currently reading The Night Circus (don't know how I feel about it yet). Also, a giant salad (with salmon my grandmother made yesterday), and some fruit. We always stop at Dunkin Donuts right before the vineyard, and since I've given up coffee, for now, I'll get a giant tea. I also bring layers of clothing, like my grey wrap sweater, since it can get chilly under the awning of the vineyard's porch. And of course, my trusty Steve Madden Troopa's and random sunglasses I stole from stepdad Lovely (perks of having a stepdad who's an eyewear designer!). 

Do you have any mini-vacations you take? Like a little walk in a park? Or a few hours at the beach near your house? I'll post pics from the weekend next week! Have a beautiful weekend! 

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