• The second Sex and the City Movie- can't we just leave good enough alone? I cried through the first Sex and the City movie, we had our closure. The characters we knew and loved were finding conclusions and we could imagine their lives moving steadily in the direction they were headed in when we said goodbye at the end of the movie. But the second movie ruined that all. After everything Carrie and Big went through to get married they STILL couldn't figure it out?! And then AIDAN?! I mean come on! I also felt like the movie was offensive, rude and obnoxiously Orientalist. I reject it. In my mind the first Sex and the City movie is the last and only Sex and the City movie. 
  • The last episode of Roseanne, but also the episodes after they win the lottery. Roseanne is truly a brilliant show. It was groundbreaking in so many ways. It's funny, heartwarming, and educational. We love the characters and stories and then we're told it's mostly a dream. A piece of fiction Roseanne wrote to deal with her ever depressing and spiraling out of control life. No. I reject that. Mark and Becky. David and Darlene. Dan lives forever (seriously, John Goodman's death is also something I reject).
  • My wearing high heels. For the most part. In college I rocked my heels for dinners, nights out and drinks. Now my life is a little different- Nursery teacher, living in the suburbs, not going dancing until 3AM (unless I'm up really early to go to yard sales and Andrey and I are jamming to tunes in the car). I just don't do them anymore. I reject the idea that to look adult, dressed up or make my legs look good I need high heels. I'm 5'2, deal with it world- I'm an adult and an extra 5 inches doesn't make me more or less of one. My legs will look good because I spin and run, let them speak for themselves. A little fancy is great sometimes but on the regular, I'd rather be able to walk and run and move and not be uncomfortable or whiny when we're out having a great time. 
  • That at any age I am too old to make silly crafts or color to unwind. I spent 30 minutes tonight making an overly elaborate princess crown for a trip to Medieval Times this weekend. It was the first time in a long, long time I had no TV going. No radio. No music. It was just me, the paper, the tinfoil, the sharpies and double stick tape. It was peaceful and lovely- and I will never be too old for that.
  • Cherrys.  On. Cakes. Especially when they get all wilt-y and sad. 

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