I'm going to be honest here for a second. While I love Foodie Pen Pals, run by Lindsay at the Lean Green Bean, when you don't eat many foods...it's hard to do a food swap! I eat mostly fresh fruit and veggies, and meat...things that aren't easily sent in the mail for $15. I love sending food, but I was getting a little bummed out that (though my first Foodie Pen Pal sent food I loved!), I didn't want to keep having to tell my FPP that I couldn't eat...anything. However, this month I was proven wrong! Richard, my FPP read through my blog and actually looked up the Whole30 plan to see what I could eat and not eat! Now, that's amazingly kind. Everything I got this month were things I could cook with (Bragg's spices, roasted garlic spice), or drink (sparkling water, tea). I was overjoyed and felt so thought about! I just signed up to do my third round of FPP and now I can't wait to tell my new pen pal that I want tea and spices--that can't be too hard to buy, right?!

The woman that was my FPP, was B, and she wanted healthy snacks, since she's on the road a lot...she doesn't have a blog, but she sweetly wrote about what she got for me to post here! 

For the month of September, Liv sent me a nice assortment of healthy snacks from NY.  Unfortunately the day the package arrived; I had started a pretty restrictive diet for the week and had to manage complete self-control to not tear into these goodies. 

I was good until day 5, but the diet blew away in the wind as soon as I tore into Alternative Baking Company’s Pumpkin Spice Cookie even before I could snap the photo. Generally gluten free and vegan products scare me away, but thanks to a coworker and an awesome baker, and this product I stand corrected.  This chewy, sweet, but not too sweet cookie brought a great pumpkin flavor with the bite of strong ginger and pumpkin spices which I long for (molasses cookies are my favorite) ABC really does Bring You The Best Cookie In The Galaxy!  It was also great to see some of my favorite granola bars in a different flavor.  I am a KIND and Luna Bar addict, and was great to try some new flavors.  The Almond Coconut KIND bar is my new favorite, chewy, super coconuty from the large flakes and whole roasted almonds make this bar not only satisfying but delicious.  I have yet to try the Savory and Sweet Cherry Pretzel Granola Bar and Crunchy Cranberry Cherry Snacks I’m a huge proponent of saving the best for last. 

Last but not least the Pop Corners Chips in butter and caramel flavors.  If you’re a lover of popcorn, but hate the mess, the way it stinks up your apartment after you nuke it, or burning kernels, go out and by yourself a giant bag of this now.  The butter flavored pack was my favorite of the two and punched a great real buttery flavor (not the movie theater flavor).  So good, no mess, and I’m sure would be delicious with some sort of dip.  But honestly, they were gone before I even gave it a second thought.
Thanks again Liv for all of the snacks!  They should definitely hold me over during my long days in the lab.
Happy Eating!

Interested in signing up for Foodie Pen Pals? Check out the process at the Lean Green Bean


  1. So glad you enjoyed the items, Olivia! Tea and spices are perfect things to ask for, and they should be easy to ship!! Hope all is well and you found great uses for the spices!

  2. Thank you, Richard! That roasted Ginger is delicious!