Who is Han Solo? Han Solo is the captain of the Millenium Falcon. Best friend of Chewie. Coolest of the cool. He shot first. Do you hear me? Han shot first! Here's the benefits of being Han for halloween: you get to walk around all night with this cocky-arrogant attitude. You get to use such catch phrases as "Punch it, Chewie" and whenever someone says "I love you" you can respond with the ever so self assured- "I know." You get to strike this pose. 

What I love about this costume? Leggings. Oversized cozy button down. Flat boots. LEATHER vest. You're the coolest, you're the flyest- you're the cat's meow. Use a pair of leggings you already own with some red embellishments to get the true Han look. And then rock the look- punch it, Chewie!

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