johnny cash
How to be Johnny Cash: Black button down, black blazer, black pants, black belt; Johnny Cash belt buckles; a small guitar (you don't want to be lugging around a giant guitar from Halloween party to Halloween party! Go with a kid's size!)
First of all, I love this outfit. Want to know why? Halloween this year is on a Friday: you're going to go to work and then head out to celebrate all Hallow's Eve, right? The black shirt, blazer, and pants are totally work appropriate! Put those on in the morning, bring your belt buckle and guitar with you, and when 5:00 rolls around, you're ready to go from work-lady to sassy-Johnny Cash Halloween maven. Don't forget your sunglasses and black boots, too! This is such an easy look, any black shirt, black pant combo would be perfect. All else fails? Wear jeans and an "I shot a man in Reno" shirt; there'll be no mistaking who you are that way!

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