Lovelies, our insanely talented costume designer cousin, Kate, is here this week with some awesome "Girls Can Do Anything: Halloween" posts! 
Darcy by Kate

Oh, Fitzwilliam Darcy.  So full of pride.  So full of prejudice.  So full of vexation!  

Kate here again (guest blogger and professional costume designer), today inspired by one of the most popular men in literary history, the romantic lead of "Pride and Prejudice," Mr. Darcy, himself.  (While I've enjoyed most incarnations of Mr. Suppressed-Emotions, I'm embracing the Colin Firth version, because he is the ultimate.)  

This look is all about luxury in layers.  Blouse, cravat, vest, jacket, tight pants, and riding boots - this look seemed custom made for right now.  (Maybe early 19th century sweethearts were the original hipsters!  Tight pants - which can easily be interpreted as leggings - were all the rage with the gentlemen; in fact, some pants were so tight that some gentlemen had one pair for sitting and another for standing!)  To pull off this Pride-and-Prejudicey costume, channel the high-collar (a drapey blouse, or even a basic white turtleneck, works great for this) - the magic is in wrapping the cravat, or scarf, around several times OVER the shirt collar.  Top with a nicely patterned vest, a luxe-looking jacket, and some high boots, and you'll be all set to pronounce any Halloween event "tiresome," which will only make them want your company even more.  Don't forget the leggings!  Finish with curling/texture hair product, and you'll be breaking hearts in no time.  

PS - For the full effect, get a friend to go as Mr. Bingley - Darcy's good-natured wing man.  Bingley is similar to Darcy, but he'd go for a more colorful blazer and accessories - he's not as somber as old Fitzwilliam.  I'd also add some peachy-pink blush to complete Mr. Bingley's happy-go-lucky, 'tis-good-to-be-a-19th-century-hipster look.

Items and Prices: Blouse, Vest, Leggings, Blazer, Scarf: Forever 21 / Boots: KMart / Top Hat:  New York Costumes (nyc store)

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