Lovelies, this Halloween we're styling costumes with one thing in mind: Girls can be and do anything boys can be and do! We're styling famous men's costumes for our lovely ladies! Stay tuned for Batman, Marty McFly, Han Solo, Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley, Indiana Jones, and more! 


Ladies (and the two gentleman who read TLS, one of which is my husband, the other of which is Jenny's beau, so nevermind...), know what I hate? When women have to be boxed into the "Supergirl, Batgirl" label. There's no Spidergirl is there? Why can't we be Superman, too? We're certainly super enough...didn't Alicia Keys have a song about that? Nevertheless, I am in love with this Halloween costume. Know why? It's so versatile! (I think I say that about every costume I styled). First of all, the white button down and black slacks are perfect for a day at the office. Secondly, it may be cold on Halloween (though, with the way this year has been, probably not), so if you want, wear those blue leggings underneath your clothes! You could totally rock the ModCloth boots all year round (well, maybe not in summer, but they would look cute with a summer dress), and could definitely be worn during the work day on Halloween with the black pants and white shirt. Pack the tie (or hey, rock it ala Avril), and the cape (or hey, rock it ala Jordan Reid), for your Halloween partying later on. 

Obviously, the way that this outfit is supposed to be worn is that the Superman t-shirt goes under the white shirt, with the boots, black pants and tie; open the buttons of the shirt up to reveal your real identity! Or, if you feel like going full-on Superman, ditch the work clothes and tie for the blue leggings, boots, t-shirt, and cape. 

Thinking about wearing this outfit? We'd love to see photos! 

  • Did you know Superman's full Earth name is Clark Joseph Kent? CJ!
  • Okay, this Superman "factoid" blew me away: The famous S-shield is not just Superman's family crest. First hinted at in the 1978 feature film, in the comic book story “Superman: Birthright” and the series “52”, we learned that it's also a Kryptonian symbol that means “hope.” Interestingly, drawing the S-shield upside down changes the meaning to “resurrection.” (Newsarama)
  • Also, hello, worlds are colliding: Okay, that’s an exaggeration, but you’d be surprised how much Bruce Wayne is a part of Clark’s life. Bruce owns the building that Clark and Lois live in and, in fact, gave them their apartment as a wedding gift. And some years ago when it needed a new financial backer, Wayne Enterprises bought the Daily Planet newspaper, where Lois and Clark both work. (Newsarama)

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