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We're slowly inching toward the holidays and I've started to think about what I may want this year. I really don't need anything, and we have an itsy house, so I can't fit much in here...but there are some things I want for my kitchen. Since doing the Whole30 and leading a paleo lifestyle, I've been doing lots and lots of cooking. I pretty much spend my days in the kitchen (besides the classroom, obviously!). I love, love, love the Cooking Guide Apron from Gent Supply Co; it has tons of cooking information on the apron, upside down, so you can hold up the apron and read it! Adorable. I also want the apron with built in oven mitts! I so need this, as I use my Williams Sonoma apron to hold hot dishes all the time (not safe). And, I've come to realize I really need a mandolin (kitchen gadget, not the my house you have to always make this point), and I love any OXO gadget. 

And, there's a few cookbooks I can't wait to get my hands on! Well Fed by Melissa Joulwan is on the top of my list; not only have I heard the book is awesome, but Kathleen Shannon designed it, and Melissa is my twitter friend and a really cool person! Practical Paleo by Diane Sanfillippo is a staple in every Paleo kitchen, and she has a ton of great advice about living a paleo lifestyle, not just delicious recipes. And last, but not least, another great book by Mr. Mark Bittman. I already own 3 of his cookbooks, but I've come to realize I need some practice in cooking basics an who better to turn to than the master himself? How to Cook Everything, The Basics will definitely improve my kitchen skills. 

What are some things you want for your kitchen? Do you like to cook? 

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  1. Thanks for the Well Fed love! And how adorable is that apron with the upside-down printing on it?! I think I really need to have own of those. Like... NOW!