Olivia:  did you know this: you’d be surprised how much Bruce Wayne is a part of Clark’s life. Bruce owns the building that Clark and Lois live in and, in fact, gave them their apartment as a wedding gift. And some years ago when it needed a new financial backer, Wayne Enterprises bought the Daily Planet newspaper, where Lois and Clark both work. WHAT?!
 Jenny:  in certain universes
 Olivia:  LOL, that's a good answer. you're obviously Pat's daughter.
 Jenny: but that is crazy, but justice league they are together
 Olivia:  i forget that
 Jenny:  well to be fair you've never dated a comic book nerd
 Olivia:  true
 Jenny:  not to brag
 Olivia:  but, ask me about the revolving door of members in a bluegrass band and i'd win the prize
 Jenny:  exactly. we complete each other with needless information.

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