Do you Lovelies know the Peggy Lee song "I'm a Woman"? Well, let me introduce you to the first verse:
You know I can starch and iron two dozen shirts
'fore you can count from one to nine.

I can slip up a great big dip up of lard

From a drippings can.

Throw it in the skillet, do my shopping,

And be back before it melts in the pan.
'Cause I'm a woman...

Um, do you ever feel that way? I certainly do! I can be unloading the dishwasher, talking to Eric about his day, lesson planning in my head, cooking dinner, doing laundry, oh, and chatting with my mom on the phone...all at the same time. Do I love that I do that? Not makes me unable to focus on any one thing, but...sometimes, that's life! 

However, sometimes we all need to remind ourselves that it's okay, necessary, and really important to sit down, take a breathe, and do something nice for ourselves. When was the last time you did something nice for yourself? 

Well, Ice, a gorgeous jewelry company has decided that we women need a much deserved break! Therefore, I am excited to announce that October 17th is officially the first Me Day! What's a Me Day?  Me Day is all about "celebrating your fabulousness!" and taking time to pamper yourself! Yes, ladies, you heard me right: yourself. Or, as the press release says, a Me Day is, "For a nation with a serious down-time deficit and a busy holiday season approaching, help is on the way. October 17, 2012, is “Me Day”: the first day devoted to helping women treat themselves generously with relaxation, beauty and fashion without the guilt."

So, how are we going to pamper ourselves? Well, Ice has partnered up with Folica, SpaFinder, and e.l.f. Cosmetics to make sure that you don't miss out on one ounce of self-pampering on October 17th. On Wednesday, the 17th, all 4 of these amazing companies will be offering exclusive offers in honor of Me-Day. (Check their individual websites for special offers on Wednesday, October 17th)

But, wait! There's more! In honor of Me Day, there's a ginormous sweepstakes going on...check it out: 

The no-purchase-necessary Me Day Sweepstakes features a grand prize for one lucky winner, who will receive:
  • A “Free Year of Spa & Wellness” from SpaFinder Wellness: Twelve (12) SpaFinder Wellness Gift Cards for a total of $1,200 in free spa and wellness services redeemable at thousands of locations in the U.S. or abroad;
  • A beautiful pair of diamond stud earrings from Ice valued at $795;
  • A glamorous package of e.l.f. Cosmetics’ best-selling beauty products and a $250 gift card for a luxurious beauty supply shopping spree, worth a total value of over $800;
  • An exclusive bundle of hair products and styling tools from, plus a voucher for $350 for the winner’s choice of hair care and styling gifts, valued at $1,200

And...there's daily prizes, too!
Every day, from Wednesday, October 10, through Wednesday, October 17, one of the participating companies will give away a prize worth up to $200. Entering the sweepstakes automatically qualifies participants for a chance to win a daily prize and/or the grand prize as well.

I think all I can say about that is: !!!

And, because Jenny and I are so excited about Me Day, we're offering one lucky The Lovely Sisters reader a special giveaway prize: $25 voucher to Ice...go buy yourself some blingin' ice, chickadees! (I think that's the first time I've used the word "blingin'" ever. But seriously, the jewelry from Ice is beautiful and affordable). How can you win the $25 to Ice? Enter below! 
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