Remember when our dad had heart surgery? He's doing amazingly now, and we're so proud of his progress; when we made plans to have him over for brunch a few weeks ago, I asked him what he could eat and his response was "no salt, no sugar, no fat, no taste." Aw, dad. Since I've been cooking so much lately (and the more I cook, the more I learn!), I wanted to make him food which could prove that healthy "no anything" dishes could taste divine, too!

So, I made up my own recipe for an egg-white bake. What did I do? First of all, I lined the bottom of a pan with slices of raw zucchini (pictured). In a bowl I mixed raw cut up broccoli, a little zucchini, sautéed onions (sautéed them in a little coconut oil), and 12 egg whites! I added a little white pepper, garlic powder, and ginger. I mixed that up, poured it over the zucchini, and let it cook at 350 degrees for about 45 minutes to an hour (my oven always takes longer, I think, than most). The zucchini forms a crust, and the egg white puffs's like a super healthy soufflé! He loved it, which to me, was priceless.

I also served roasted white potatoes (done in EVOO, with some salt and pepper), roasted sweet potatoes (for those of us paleo people, or heart patients; done with a little coconut oil, pumpkin pie spice, and all spice); a plate full of fresh vegetables cut up (pictured), some full eggs, cooked in coconut oil, with chives, and we also had some bagels, lox, and Neufchatel cheese.

I love having company over, and I was really proud that I could make a delicious dad-approved meal! 

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