One of the hardest things about not eating sugar, in any form, is finding a BBQ sauce! If you look at any regular supermarket aisle for BBQ sauce, I can almost bet you money that you won't find a sauce that doesn't have high fructose corn syrup, Florida crystals, cane sugar, regular sugar, etc. What's a girl to do when she wants to chow down on some delicious BBQ ribs? Find a great paleo recipe and make her own sauce! Luckily, Holly, of Holly Would if She Could, has the perfect paleo BBQ sauce and rib recipe on her site. I tweaked it only slightly in a few ways: number one, I made it in the oven (I cooked it at 300 degrees for about 3 hours, and then turned it up to 400 for about half an hour, and then broiled both sides of the ribs), and when I made the (delicious!) sauce, I only used half of the apple cider vinegar because Eric isn't a fan of any vinegars. The ribs came out great, and it felt like such a treat! We had them with sweet potatoes (me) and white potatoes (Eric), and episode of Dinosaurs on Netflix. Who said married life is boring?!

PS. I made two racks of ribs and they ended up lasting 4 meals, our two dinners, and two lunches!
Eric had some "regular" BBQ to dip his ribs in.

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