So, there's some things which are obvious about teaching: you need to learn discipline skills, how to handle conferences, how to write report cards, etc. However, there's one little secret no one ever tells you about teaching, which, over my years I've come to realize is quite important...

...you need t-shirts in every color. 

Why? Let me explain. During the course of a school year, there are spirit weeks, Halloween, holiday events, color wars, field days, American Pride days...the list goes on and on. And you know what? All of those days require the kids, and yes, you, the faculty, to wear a certain color. And, as I've learned over the years, you have to be prepared! The other night my mother-in-law (an art teacher) said she had to borrow a shirt from her mother because the senior class was all dressing in hot pink and she didn't own any hot-pink shirts! So, this year I wised up and got smart. My local drug store was having a sale on t-shirts, The Bella and Canvas shirts, actually (which I bought for $3.99 each, and they retail for $22 each!), so I stocked up in red, blue, green, yellow, black, and more (they come in 29 colors!). Some of the colors I will wear in my daily life (black, gray, even the light blues), but some are reserved for special school days and events (bright orange, red, yellow). I love the Bella shirts because they are soft, not too tight, and high necked. Whatever shirt you pick, just make sure it's school appropriate and easy to wash! 

And, remember to pass on The Secret

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