Admittedly, there's no food in this photo. Whoops.
How was everyone's Thanksgivings? Ours was busy and wonderful. Growing up the children of many divorces in the family, we used to do 4 (yes, FOUR) Thanksgivings in one day. Now, doing two just seems easy and calm! So, how did my Paleo eating go on Thanksgiving? Pretty good, but honestly, not perfect. I had a bite of this amazing flourless chocolate cake (worth it), and I had to have some of my grandmother's outstanding (seriously, this stuff is magical) stuffing. Otherwise though, I made some of my own delicious treats! I followed this zucchini bread recipe (I used 5 eggs instead of 6 though), and the bread tasted just like the "normal" one my grandmother used to make! It was so moist, just sweet enough, and grain free! I left my grandmother with a little loaf as leftovers and she kept saying, "It's just too good to be healthy, it makes me nervous!" I also indulged a little and made Chocolate Zucchini bread, too. This was delicious, but tasted way more like a chocolate cake! I pretty much ate the entire batch myself. Ha. Other than that, I stuck to the yams, turkey, vegetables, and tried to be as Paleo as possible! Today (Saturday), Jenny, Eric and I are starting a round of the Whole30 plan...I'm excited to have company in this round, but a little nervous as how to introduce my darling husband into the world of my eating! Wish us luck. Ha!

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