1. Coolamari Ice Tray, $9.95; 2. Han Solo in Carbonite Ice Cube Tray, $9.95; 3. Abominable Ice Man Tray, $9.95; 4.  Coffee Bean Ice Tray, $9.50; 5. Star Wars Millenium Falcon Ice Cube Tray, $7.99; 6. Cool Jewels Ice Tray, $7.99; 7.  Single Number Trays, $10 each
Like we said, this year we're all about giving the practical, sensical, and necessary gifts. But, it doesn't mean that those gifts can't be ridiculously fun too! Check out these awesome ice trays. We all need to make ice, right? How much fun would those Jewel Ice pieces be at a bridal shower? I love all the brilliant Star Wars ice trays, and I would so use that coffee bean ice tray in my iced coffee! Who would you give one of these trays to?

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