1. Rubik's Cube Mug, $12.99; 2. Recycle Bin Mug, $11.49; 3. Great Moustaches Mug, $11.99; 4.  Ceramic Greek Coffee Cup, $12; 5. Classic Monogram Handbag Mug, $11.49; 6. Laboratory Beaker Mug, $11.99; 7. Boom Box Mug, $11.49; 8. Camera Lens Mug, $14.99
Lovelies, it's apparently holiday season again. I mean, there's a whole section of every pharmacy dedicated to lights, gifts, candy canes, and wrapping paper. ABC Family is starting their "25 Days to Christmas Movies," and I just ordered my holiday cards...but, know what? It doesn't feel like the holiday season. Maybe because of Sandy, or maybe because Thanksgiving seemed oddly early this year, but I'm just not ready for the holidays! That being said, I do love giving gifts. However, as my family and siblings all get older, we're getting into that, "Please, just get me socks!" realm of gifts. We don't have room for many things, so we just want practical and necessary, but fun gifts. This year's Holiday Gift Guide is going to focus on just that: practical, necessary, and fun gifts.

So, today's gift guide is to fun mugs (pretty mugs coming up soon!)....how awesome are these well priced and rad mugs? My favorite? The Camera Lens Mug! Wouldn't that make the perfect gift for the photographer in your life? I think I know someone who would love each one of these mugs. And, they're all under $15, so they could easily be a stocking stuffer, or pair one of these mugs with some hot cocoa, tea, or coffee, and it's an insta-gift!

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