1 & 2. Creature Comfort Mug, $10; 3. Monogrammed Mug, $6; 4. Kebaya Mug, $12; 5. Swirled Symmetry Mug, $10; 6. Homegrown Monogram Mug, $8
I am a huge fan of Anthropologie; I love their design aesthetic and overall look. I do not love their prices. However, with any store, there's always a way to get a piece of their look without compromising your budget. Years ago my aunt Julie bought me the Monogram Mug (3), with an O on it, and I've loved it ever since. These mugs would easily perk up your coffee time in the morning, or you could do what I do and keep one on your desk for pens and pencils. I'm still in disbelief that these gorgeous mugs are all under $12! Which one would you buy?

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