As much as I love the idea of flash sale sites, and as much as I want to buy from them, and subscribe to their emails, I never actually hit the "buy" button. However, when I saw that one of my all-time favorite Etsy shops, Amanda Catherine Designs, was on Sneakpeeq, I jumped on it and bought these two prints! Don't you love them? The Today print hangs right in the entryway to my sewing room, reminding me to soak up the beauty from every day. And, the Celebrate Everything print is propped up on my sewing desk, smiling at me, and reminding me that every little thing is worthy of a celebration...every little thing like buying these awesome prints! 

Hanging in my sewing room!

Lovelies, while getting the house ready for Eric's parents this weekend, I snapped some photos to finally, finally show you pictures of the house! If you follow me on instragram, you've seen most of these already, but either way, welcome to the house! 

Today's tour is of my sewing room. I love this room. 

That SEW sign was made from letters from Michaels, which I painted with my trust Mill Springs Blue, and it looks gorgeous. The bulletin board I painted with Annie Sloan's Old Ochre, and picked up some cute flowered push pins at Michaels. 

See my Amanda Catherine Designs print on my desk?

Happy post-Memorial Day Tuesday Lovelies. Are you as sad as I am that the long weekend is over? I woke up very sad (and sweaty if you care to know) this morning that I had to get up and put clothes on. But I’ve been gone from the blog-o-sphere for a verrrrrry long time so if nothing else, I’m glad to be back writing! May was more or less a blur of parties and trips (pleasure and business), which means I was away from my apartment more than I would have liked. I’m normally a total homebody, but I was dragged kicking and screaming away from Hoboken for a majority of the month! My baby brother graduated from college this month and I attended my first grown-up-oh-my-gosh-my-friend’s-are-getting-hitched wedding. Needless to say there were lots of tears and food at both events. After many years of my brother going to school right next to Gettysburg, PA, I finally got a chance to visit the mecca of Civil War enthusiast. Naturally, I poked a little fun at the whole thing…
A pink rifle, really? As a history major, this is a major no-no. Well the color and the fact that toy guns even exist... The next weekend we headed down to the Outer Banks in North Carolina for one of Dan’s friend’s weddings. There was a tropical storm out at sea, but I found that the overcast stormy weather made the ceremony and party all the more romantic. While waves were crashing all around us, the small wedding and the bride and groom were cozy inside a gorgeous pier house. I never thought I’d like a beach wedding, but I had a blast at this one!
This past weekend I thought I would return to my hermit like ways, but alas, it was Memorial Day – and we seriously lucked out! Weather reports in the NYC metro area had thunderstorms listed all weekend, but the forecast ended up not affecting a single outing! I was especially psyched about this because I had plans on the Saturday for a beer tasting cruise. It was amazing. We left from Pier 17 at the South Street Seaport and sampled six craft beers from Upstate. The weather was gorgeous. I highly recommend tours by Manhattan by Sail – their clipper is one of the most beautiful boats on the water.
Happy unofficial start of the summer everyone! At least we have a short week ;)

When we were finishing up designing the bedroom, I knew I wanted some nautical artwork, and I knew I wanted it to match the bedroom, and I knew I wanted it to be a subtle form of art, nothing flashy. So, when I stumbled across 1001 Treasures and saw all the reproductions of old illustrations, I fell in deep love. Furthermore, when I emailed Sabine, the awesome artist and owner, and asked if she could match the designs to the overriding color of the bedroom (Mill Springs Blue), she said she would try...and try she did! The artwork matches perfectly and is behind gorgeous. See? I love them! Thank you, Sabine. I will no doubt be buying more from 1001 Treasures. I love buying beautiful artwork, but more than that, I love buying artwork from someone who is helpful and kind!

It's a foggy, groggy day over here (so groggy in fact, I tried I type froggy and my phone auto corrected to froggy and that was good enough so I just left it.). We're headed into this weekend with hopes of sun, runs an bbqs - so let's all hope this weather changes! Check out this foreboding picture I snapped at work the other day. The funny thing is it never became more than a few drops!

Guitar bracelet; Golden Arrow bracelet; Banjo Bracelet; Personalized Brass Bunting Necklace   
Lovelies, how adorable are these bracelets and necklace? I can't stop looking at them! Which one would you pick out? They're all from the Etsy shop, I Adorn You (love that name). I actually have the banjo necklace, which says Eric's name on it. Cute, right? I think I may need that golden arrow bracelet. It's so mythological! 

Andrey and I made plans to be in Brooklyn this past weekend. We filled our days with gell\ato, Carcassonne (I'm addicted to the iPhone version), Think coffee, Mamoun's falafel, Artichoke pizza, soup dumplings, road trips to the Bronx and friends, friends, friends. 

Gelato in Little Italy.

A friend of ours hosted the whole motley crew at his home in the Bronx (I think I'd only ever been once  before, to the zoon!). We traveled with our friends Mike, Lane, Dan and Polina in Mike's van- and we were all beyond shocked how long it took us. Though from Brooklyn to the Bronx is no short distance, so I don't know why I was so shocked. But when we finally arrived (with a pit stop at Target, where I was disappointed because Lane and Po seemed more focused with arriving at the party than shopping for clothes) we were so very pleasantly surprised. Our friend had set our a huge rug on his lawn, there were antique Turkish brass tables, and antique tubs filled with lots of ice and cold drinks. We leaned on pillows and snacked on guacamole, shihskabobs and baklava (I adore baklava). 

So, I've been on this kick lately. I'm finishing up the sewing room, and I wanted some very "Olivia" artwork for it. I came upon three different Etsy sellers whom I not only love their artwork, but they happen to be the most kind, helpful, and creative people! I'll be sharing the three sellers that I bought from and the pieces I bought over the next few weeks.

Today's Artwork in Which I Bought comes from Colette over at Raw Art Letter Press (we've actually featured her before!) I love all of her original prints, as well as her jewelry. On top of all that, she's a doll to work with and even did a custom color for me. I cannot wait to get these in the mail! I'm totally, totally going to be buying more prints from Raw Art, as they would make the perfect gift for Father's Day, birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

I am a huge James Taylor fan and this print, this exact lyric actually, is one of my all-time favorites. Have you ever listened to "You Can Close Your Eyes?" It's the sweetest lullaby. 
I am in LOVE with this Van Morrison "Into the Mystic" print. It was our first dance song at our wedding! It's always been one of my favorite, favorite songs. (True fact: if I were to get a tattoo I would get "Into the mystic" written on some part of my body. But, alas, I am afraid of needles.)

Lovelies, Ali's Cohabitable is on a break for this week as she and Dan are venturing back from a wedding in NC! See the Outer Banks behind them? Hi, Ali and Dan! Miss you!
Oh my. What a tired Monday this has been! I had such a lovely, lovely weekend, and today has been so rainy, cold, and blah! Not to mention that Eric and I have approximately 503736 things to accomplish around the house before my awesome in-laws come this weekend. Anyway, we had a chock-full weekend, wanna see some pics? The last one is my absolute favorite!

Remember the Spring Fling Dinner Dance? Well, this is the dress I decided to go with. It's from last year's bridal shower. I wore it with blue suede flats, and I was super comfy! 
There were food stations all over the dance...we got made to order stir fry!
And of course, we ended the night with some TLC. YUM. Can you tell which is mine and which is Eric's?
Jenny and I are being auctioned off for the Spring Fair! We auctioned off a baking day and a craft making day. PS. Recognize that photo? We're so famous (ha).
My station at the Spring Fair: the alumni tent! I loved chatting with old students and catching up.
And, if I had a free moment, I took pictures of myself in this awesome hat from the school store. I love my pink gingham Ralph Lauren shirt, and I'm wearing Essie's Fiji on my hands.
Saturday night, Eric and I ventured to Ikea and bought new patio furniture! (see below!) But, I fell in LOVE with this outdoor set from Ikea. Ikea, seriously? ILY. And check out that price! Sigh. I didn't buy it THIS TIME.
We also went to The Christmas Trees Shop and I got a kick out of this knock off Royal Copenhagen China set!
We went to Home Depot on Sunday night to get a grill...and they were sold out of the cheapest model Webers, so they gave us a higher model for the same price! SCORE.
And, last but not least: our new and improved backyard! See those lounge chairs? I scored them at the Estate sale at the Fair! Umbrella is Christmas Trees Shop and the furniture is from two different Ikea sets we mashed together. I love it! (Now, if it would only stop raining ALL THE TIME, we could use it!)

  • I wish that apple juice really did solve everything. Though, I have a working theory that it might. Here's the theory: apple juice makes you feel better/solves all problems. It's currently in beta (do theories go through beta?), I'm testing it on the kids and it's working.
  • I wish that macaroni and cheese was a low-calorie food. Though I wasn't always a mac and cheese freak, I've recently become obsessed. When Andrey and I were at Brimfield we had lunch two days in a row at a place called "The Mac Shack." We split the Chinese food box of amazingly buttery, crunch mac and cheese made with ziti. I've never seen mac and cheese made with ziti- it's brilliant. That night we had dinner at BT's Smokehouse, which was out of this world, clearly I insisted we get the mac and cheese. To be honest I did not love it, but that was because they made it with a cheese (I cannot pinpoint which one) I do not love. When we got back on Mother's Day I was quite pleased to find that with out BBQ dinner (yes, again!) Stepfather Lovely had bought some traditional elbow mac and cheese- buttery and cheesey and delicious. After a solid weekend of mac and cheese, I'm trying to eat other colors- like green and red, but this girl wishes she could have mac and cheese on the regular. Like daily.
  • I wish that my commute took the same amount of time everyday. Some days it's 15 minutes, some days it's 25. Inevitably the days I leave 20 minutes to get to work it's 25. And the days I leave 30 minutes it's 15. Because that's life and duh.
Okay, my friends, what are three things you wish were true?

Lovelies, it's officially Spring Fair weekend at my school! Tonight is the Spring Fling Dinner Dance, and all weekend I'll be hanging at the fair...come say hi! Don't you love the neon green Fair shirts for this year? I love how my school knows the current fashion trends. Well, I decided to wear the same dress I wore to my bridal shower (well, decided isn't really the word...I wanted a new dress, but procrastinated, refused to go to the mall, and couldn't find anything it was decided for me!), and it will be fun to get dressed up with Eric and go out for the night. I love school fairs, don't you?

Have a great weekend, Lovelies!

From left to right: Old Navy jersey dress, $15, Wellington boots, $21 Charlotte Russe dress, $8.50, Chooka rubber shoes, $70, Navy blue dress, $39, Chooka rubber shoes, $70, Old navy, $15, Women's Merona Zaney Polka Dot Rain Boots Pink, $21, Old navy dress, $35, Womens Polka Dot Rain Boots Light Blue, $21

The other day in school another teacher was wearing a black and white striped dress with black and white polka dotted rain boots. I totally loved the look! What a great concept: matching colors, with different patterns. I'm probably behind on the trend here, but I loved how adorable it looked. Here's my picks for cute rain boots (which everyone needs!) with well priced (hello, one dress is $8.50) striped dresses, which could easily be worn in Spring or summer. 

Which one of these looks would you wear?

spring fling
L to R: Print dress, $118; Bodice dress, $93; Bodice dress, $190; Strapless evening dress, $85; Bodice dress, $70
This Friday night is the annual Auction Dinner Dance at my school. The theme this year is "Spring Fling"! So cute, right? Well, I'll probably just end up re-wearing a dress I bought for bridal events last summer, but if I had my choice, I would so love to wear any one of these ModCloth dresses! I love all the colors and floral prints. So delightful.