Lovelies, you all know how much I love getting mail. Also, I love healthy snacks. Also, I love well-priced deals. When I came across Graze, and saw that it fit all three of those categories, I jumped on the offer! What is Graze? Graze is a healthy snack delivery system, catered just to you! For a whopping $5 a week, you get 4 delicious and healthy snacks delivered right to your work or home. They have over 90 snacks to choose from, and you get to go through and rate each snack choice as something you'd never eat, something you'd like to try, something you'd like once in a while, and something you'd love to eat all the time.

Right now Graze is invite only, but lucky for all you chickadees, I have invites to give out! And, there's a special offer, too! Use the code RJ9QWLN and you will get your first box for free! You pay by the week ($5 a week--um, less than a frozen yogurt!), and you can cancel anytime. Sounds like a good deal to me!

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