Well, first of all, thank you for all the sweet comments and messages about our house ordeal; last weekend was the big move to the new house! To be honest, moving (as I am sure some of you know!) is incredibly stressful (not to mention that National Grid, for some random reason, decided to turn the heat off on our second to last night in the old house...hello, freezing night!), and even though we had a good experience moving, we're still recovering, mentally and physically. It will take a few weeks before we feel settled, but so far we're very happy here!

We got into the new house on Friday night and the first thing I did was put up magnets on the fridge. Don't you think magnets dictate a lot about who the people in the house are? Despite what my students thought, that is not a Harry Potter crest, but the Howell family crest. We bought that on our honeymoon!
The moving truck arrived!
Coffee and donut break!
At the new house! 
Moving the bookshelves in!

I love the movers' motto!

We celebrated the new house by buying a new quilt! (Nostalgia Sunburst on sale at BB&B)

Our new living room with many, many boxes to unpack. 

Ah, where do I even begin?!

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