I was driving home from school yesterday when after two sing through amazing renditions of "Don't Rain on My Parade" I was pleased to have my iPhone stumble on to "Scenes from an Italian Restaurant" by the one and only Mr. Billy Joel (Billy, if you're reading this we love you). Clearly I threw the windows down, my sunglasses on and jammed out. This song forever reminds me of prom- which seems to go so well with one of my favorite lyrics. I love those lyrics so much I made an outfit based off of them. To be fair, Mr. Joel describes the outfit pretty thoroughly. So, do yourself a favor- one make sure you have a pair of killer tight jeans (every lady needs this), two get yourself a rocking leather jacket (ditto), and three go listen to this song. Engineer boots optional, though strongly encouraged.

billy joel
Top, $42 / Mango biking jacket / H&M low jeans, $46 / Steve Madden booties

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