1. Bliss Maximum Moisture Cream Body Butter is OUT OF THIS WORLD for your skin. I just picked up the exact bottle pictured at Nordstrom's Rack for $16! I usually don't get to use it because $50 is way too much for me to spend on moisturizer- I haven't had a bottle of this stuff for like 4 years, but I'm so glad we're reunited. Please buy this for me if you're ever wondering what to give me.
2. Baking soda. Baking soda. BAKING SODA! My favorite cleanser. Got a gross pan? Made rice krispie treats and the marshmallow cannot be pried from the pot? Throw some baking soda in the offending piece, add water and boil. Or add hot water and let it sit. Drain soon after and find the pot/pan/bowl basically CLEAN. It's amazing. And baking soda is so cheap.
3. Rice Krispie treats, I've already mentioned them once in this very short post. I recently found out I'm highly allergic to cow's milk- this rules out most of my favorite foods: chocolate, cheese, cream cheese, whipped cream, baked goods with butter, FROZEN YOGURT, lattes. Yes all of this CAN and IS made with goat's milk- but it's rare (for amazing goat's milk ice cream check out Victory Garden on Carmine in the West Village and make sure to try the salted caramel ice cream, holy moly that's something delicious.) This leaves me with few vices- so my rediscovered favored vice is rice krispie treats, made with coconut oil instead of butter. Feel free to gift me components of or whole rice krispie treats.
4. Fun running socks are my favorite ever.

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