Top left: Agatha Christie's Library; middle: Sting's library; top right: Julia Child's library; Bottom Left: Woody Allen's library; middle: Diane Keaton's library; Bottom right: Paris Hilton's library.
All photos from Beautiful Libraries)
I've come to the conclusion that one of my happiest places in the world is the library. My local library, to be exact. I've been reading like a fiend lately (currently reading A Hundred Summers by Beatriz Williams--and loving it!) and the library has become my new best friend. I love to drive there after school, wander around the new book section, look up books, browse the CDs, see which Blu-Rays we haven't seen's my happy place. I have a mind which is divided into a million categories: I love learning about people, health, history, and music, but I also love relaxing with a novel, watching a movie, or listening to music; luckily, the library fulfills all those needs! And...for free! (Most of the time. Confession: I often return DVDs late--what can I say!? I needed to finish season three of Modern Family!). Right now I currently have 11 books out from the library, and know what? There's no better feeling than getting home from the library with a tote bag full of books, and having that elated feeling of choosing which book to read to first.

My favorite library buddy is my Good Reads app on my phone. I'm a huge fan of Good Reads (find me here!), but I seriously love their app. See, ever since I was a young girl I had this thing about checking out library books: I loved watching the librarians scan the books into the system. I always wanted to do that! When I go to the library now, there's times that I come across a book and though I want to read it, it's just not a good time, so instead...I take out my phone and scan the book's ISBN into my Good Read's app! It's just that easy and just that cool. Good Reads also gives you suggestions on what to read next, and you can organize your books into lists, which makes looking for books fun and easy.

Call me old school, but I would prefer a real book over an e-book any day! There's nothing better than crawling into bed at the end of the day and cracking open that spine...which do you prefer, e-books or real books?


  1. Great discussion on books!!

  2. Hi Olivia --

    I love our local college library, and I"ll take an actual book over an e-book any day.

    However, I go for older books rather than newer ones.

    Nice post :)