I love this photo of a girl and her dog from a collection of smiling Victorians. 
I think they're both smiling! See more here

Some other things we're loving this week:

NY Panini in Huntington- formerly La Bottega. Olivia, Eric and I ordered delivery from here and I am always amazed at how yummy and healthy it is. Also they DELIVERED. Huge plus. 


Blue top / C. Wonder nautical top / Yumi collared sweater, $62

Justin's Hazelnut Chocolate spread of delicious Italian bread. It's vegan. So this means dairy free. It's vegan Nutella. VEGAN NUTELLA. Why are you still here? Go get some.

target dress
This dress. I picked it up at Target about a month ago and wasn't so sure. I planned on returning it, but then I tried it on with a cute belt- and tucked the weird peplum. I generally am against having to edit clothes and wear them in particular ways. Because that is way too much work. But I didn't want to drive to Target, I lost the receipt, and it looked really cute tucked and belted.

This bracelet. I WANT THIS BRACELET. I have 2 big races coming up and a Tough Mudder and I think I need this bracelet.

And we leave you with this adorable photo of me and my little siblings at lunch at Island Burger last Thursday. Very cute, tiny restaurant. Nice staff, delicious onion rings and very good burgers.

Hope you have a great and safe holiday weekend! Run, swim, dine, relax. 
We promise to see you more after the long weekend! 

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