So you want to go camping? I suggest you bring no more than this for a 3 day trip. Add a t-shirt or a tank in. I forgot it in my polyvore! Camping and not being clean are pretty much the same thing, so you shouldn't feel like you need to change into fresh clothes every day. Especially if you're hiking or kayaking across a lake (a dam in my case) and need to travel light. This past weekend I floated between my bikini and leggings with a long sleeved shirt. In the sun on a rock we claimed it was warm. We'd lie around in our bathing suits and swim once we got too warm. Back at camp, even with the fire going through the day, in the shade it was cool- I wanted cozy layers. Don't forget socks for the evening, unless it's the dead of Summer it will be really chilly at night!

Victoria's Secret fleece hoody / Mossimo long sheer top / Mini short shorts / Boohoo swim suit / Old Navy low pants / Pull&Bear ankle socks, $6.19 / Minnetonka loafer

Dunkin Donuts' bathroom on the way up. 
We stopped and had sandwiches in the parking lot after fueling up. 
This was pretty much my camping uniform. 

Andrey chopping firewood. 

The road home. We left, unexpectedly, at 4:30 AM.
The roads back to New York were so quiet. It was amazing. 

Our camp site was so industrious all the time. Camping is a lot of work!

Our fire.

Andrey hanging a tent, Jenny taking selfies.

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