Happy Friday, lovelies! Did this week seem long or is it just me? Perhaps it's because I've been up every two hours every night feeding Mr. Tiny Man? We're getting by over here, and enjoying the little cooler weather! I'm still in shock summer is over since I sort of missed the last two weeks of it!

Before you embark on your garage sale-ing/gardening/brunch with friends tomorrow morning, cuddle up with a cup of coffee and check out these links we've loved this week...and have a gorgeous Saturday and Sunday!

Speaking of new mom stuff, here's a little guy wishing you a wonderful weekend! 

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  1. We'd love it if you did our challenges!! Send us your results, successes, failures... go, you! ps we're finishing up a 14-day clean eating challenge and, oh boy, do I want to stick my face in some chocolate.