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Topshop top / Influence slimming legging, $7.99 / Madewell eyeglass / Tweezerman tweezers brow tool, $32 / Bliss body moisturizer / Old Navy Girls Mesh Athletic Socks 3 Pack - Multi

Is there anything you just can never get enough of? That whenever you have the chance to buy them you scoop up as many as you can? These are my things.

Leggings- I cycle through black leggings a lot. I realized the other day that I've been wearing leggings since my sophomore year of college, which makes that seven years that I've been rocking leggings. Leggings with tunics, sometimes with ts, to run in, with boots, as pajamas and knock around pants. Black leggings make my world move forward.

Tennis/Running socks- specifically the Old Navy ones below, but in grey. Here's the benefit to buying a lot of the same sock- you never have to worry about matching pairs. They all match! Also, these socks are cushy and instant warm when you put them on. Once the weather isn't super duper hot-warm I am constantly in socks. I got them cold toesies.

Black tank tops- sort of like black leggings. They can go under everything, they can be worn with jeans and a leather jacket. Or jean shorts. Black tanks with everything. BLACK TANKS FOR LIFE.

Listerine Breath Strips- I have a really, really big anxiety about bad breath. I don't like gum and mints are too obvious. These strips dissolve immediately. They're like having Listerine mouth wash in my car. I need to keep a package everywhere. In my purse, in the little bag I always carry in my purse which holds lip gloss, eye drops, advil, etc, in my dopp kit, in the pockets of all my coats. I buy packs of them at Costco. My parents give them to me in my stocking at Christmas- I'm not kidding. When they're done I keep the little boxes because I love, love the clicking sound they make.

TWEEZERS- Oh my gosh, a girl and her tweezers, right? I am very sensitive to one hair out of place. And if I cannot fix it. right. then. then I sort of cannot think of anything else. Sort of embarrassing, but so true. When I was in Paris I had to buy a set because I couldn't think of anything but one stray hair. They were the best set too. And I lost them. My current state side pairs are sold by Rite Aid in 2 packs, one is a slanted and one is needle nosed. I believe the set is $4. I have bought so many packages- I keep one in my dopp kit, one by my bed, one in the bathroom, and one in my purse. I don't joke around with my strange obsessions.

Glasses- If you're a chick like me who usually rocks contacts you know some days are off days. They just are. Some days my contacts don't sit right, or I close my eyes for 20 minutes and they're just too annoying and I want to take them out. I cannot function without glasses or contacts. And if I don't have a spare pair or my glasses I am up a creek, no paddle. You get the idea. I found 2 websites that you can get free glasses on- (use the code FIRSTPAIRFREE with the glasses available under that promotion - a shocking number of pairs!) and (use code FIRMOOFREE, not sure which pairs are free- but I love these, and they were free). I soon will own 5 pairs of glasses. I leave on at Olivia's, will leave on at Andrey's and maybe one in my car. I have a large anxiety about my eyes being uncomfortable and being unable to fix it. (Which goes with my obsession with buying contact eye drops- I have dry eyes)

Bliss Body Butter- This stuff is crazy delicious. It just feels and smells so good. Only, never ever buy it for retail. Amazon has it for $28, I get it from Nordstrom Rack for $17. We all win!

So what about you, lovelies- what can you never get enough of? 
I'd love to know...maybe it's something I never knew I needed (10 of).

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