A few favorite book recommendations from your favorite former Nursery school teacher (that's me). I love children's books and have a lot of opinions on them- don't get me started on ones I deem overly popular (Knuffle Bunny, gag) or flat out inappropriate (I Want My Hat Back, seriously disturbed).


Oliver and his Alligator, Paul Schmid- When I first read Oliver and His Alligator I was a bit put off and confused. It is about a very shy little boy, an introvert and how he deals with the change of going to school. It's quirky and strange, but there was a sweet little message. 

Bella's Rules, Elissa Haden - Bella doesn't like to follow the rules but loves to torment her babysitter. Until grandma turns the tables and gives Bella a puppy who sometimes doesn't like to follow the rules. Bella learns an important lesson about why rules exist. The illustrations by Abigail Halpin are beyond adorable.

A Sick Day for Amos McGee, Philip C. Stead - Amos takes care of his animal friends at the zoo. And when Amos gets sick his animal friends come and take care of him. A really sweet book with really gorgeous illustrations by Erin Stead. Made me tear up a bit. 

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