I was pleasantly surprised by my lovely manfriend when he suggested we hit up the Maker Faire this past weekend. The Maker Faire calls itself the "Greatest Show (and Tell) on Earth—a family-friendly festival of invention, creativity and resourcefulness, and a celebration of the Maker movement."

Here are the reasons I loved the Maker Faire:

1. We got amazingly weird good street parking. Just a 5 minute walk from the grounds.

2. It was a GORGEOUS Autumn day. And Maker Faire is OUTSIDE. It was such a nice day to walk around and enjoy the sun in my leather jacket (love leather jacket weather!)

3. 3D printers are really cool. Do you know how many 3D printers are there? I think we saw at least 15 different companies making 3D printers, at least 30 different home made 3D printers and COUNTLESS people using 3D printers in their services.

4. I got the see these really beautiful necklaces and bracelets from COATT. They are morse code necklaces, guys. So cool. You can get pre-made or custom made messages- she has in stock words like Soeur, Couer, Love, Sisters. They come on silk cord or a chain- in gold, silver or gold fill. I love them. I love them so much I've thrown my friend Andrey like 7 hints already (is it still considered a hint if you send them an email?)

5. I also got to check out these super cool necklaces and jewelry from Martha Rotten. I am pretty much all light and sparkles (I mean I run a blog called Lovely), but I still want that bird skull necklace.

6. I met the gents who started Makeably - which is a website which connects artists and creators with people looking for custom word. Soon my Makeably site will be up and running- I can't wait!

7. You get to meet kids who are fully interested in creating robots. And inventing things. The most useful object we saw all day was an automatic hand sanitizer. Made by a 9 year old. Kids were just coming up to me and telling me about their projects. Apparently I still have that teacher vibe.

8. I got to meet Chad, the creator and inventor of the dog water bottle bowl. He also keeps a blog called Dad Hoc, which is a pretty cute name. We talked about marketing his projects. It was awesome to have a conversation on such a level with a person who seemed to respect what I had to say about consumers (because I was a respective one! I really want to buy a dog bowl which fits on a water bottle).

9. We had really good pork tacos from McDevitt Taco Supply. Yum. Sitting eating delicious tacos on the grass with your main man is stuff of legend. Also, there was a Chobani truck giving out free yogurt!

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