Ever since Jordan's been posting photos of her little man in Joe Fresh, I've been a little bit obsessed. First of all, when I found out we were having a boy I was a little sad that I wouldn't be buying "girly" clothing, but the more I looked at baby clothing, the more I realized I sort of hate all the girly-girl clothing and loved the idea of dressing my little man, well, like a little man! Eric and I both hate the idea of making a little boy look like a "baby boy," we're into real clothing, you know, flannel shirts, jeans, etc. So, when I came across the Joe Fresh clothing, I fell in love with the style... and the amazing prices! I bought all of these pieces seen here for $38 (and I got two of that navy onesie!). That's an incredible price for quality clothing....and um, hello, loving that bomber jacket! Can't wait for him to wear it (see, Indy has one too!)!