Winter Woodland Print; Banjo Bear Print; Spring Woodland Print

When we found out we were having a boy, Eric and I both had the same reaction: we did NOT want a blue nursery. We didn't want blue anything. Why? Well, for one, just because it's a baby boy, didn't mean anything in terms of color to us. Nothing in our house is blue, so why splash blue all over his room just because he happens to be a boy? It took us a while to come up with a "theme" for his room. Really, it started with color we liked: greens, browns, and tans. From there, we knew we wanted to throw in musical instruments, and after seeing this forest rug from Ikea, we decided we wanted to go with a woodland theme, as well. I like to call his room, "Weston's Woodland Jubilee!"

After searching around for some artwork for the room, we decided on these three prints from Etsy. I love their color schemes, the personality of the animals, and that they aren't "babyish" prints. He can easily transition these pieces of art from a nursery to a little boy's room.

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