Lovely Note: We've moved the start date up to October 16. Join us! 

Ever since Olivia could no longer eat what she wanted to, but had to eat what Weston wanted her to she dreamed (out loud, a lot) of the day she could do another Whole 30. The more we talked about it the more excited about it I got. So, now I'm in. And here's our question- you in too? The Whole 30 is challenging, sure. But it's just food. It will take a little planning, but the results are awesome. You might feel better than you ever have before. You might discover a food that is causing you great issue (like I did). Need more convincing? Go read Jessica of What I Wore's post on her Whole 30 review (spoiler: she LOVED it).

Come join us on our journey. We're starting on October 29 October 16 (after talking it over with some lovelies, we decided to start the whole thing a bit earlier!). They say one of the best strategies to make it through the Whole 30 is the buddy system. Olivia and I are excited to host weekly chats with any awesome fellow participants. Let's connect, support each other and share ideas!

Read more about the Whole 30 program here. Check out the shopping lists from Whole 9 for the Whole 30. Click them for higher res PDFs. See, I even posted the vegetarian list- no excuses, ladies and gents. We'll be updating our progress here (and sharing our recipes). We hope you'll come with us for this fun challenge!

PS. Olivia is a crazy person and started a Whole30 early, you can follow along with her journey here

Follow us on twitter, instagram and facebook with #LovelyW30, starting October 16. We hope you'll post your photos, thoughts, complaints, updates, questions, recipes and accomplishment with the tag too! This is a Team Whole 30, we're in it together.

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