One day after a particularly awesome run Andrey and I came up with this great idea: we would run a half marathon together. What a great idea. How brilliant. So we spent the next few hours looking for half marathons...but the only one we found that was easy, convenient and gave us time to train was the Diva's Half Marathon. Which, sure, I guess Andrey could have run it- but it seemed more like a solo-Jenny event. I started running with and because of Andrey, and I sort of needed to prove to me that I was running for me. That it was all about me. Nothing like an event called "The Diva" to make you think about and celebrate yourself. I'm really glad I ran it by myself in the end- I loved that my man was at the other end cheering me on. And he got a great video of me finishing. I loved that I felt like I was truly running for me and only me. I loved reflecting on my body, and how awesome it is during the run. These lungs that let me breath (with the assistance of my inhaler - which is a godsend by the way). These legs that move me along. These feet which rock my Merrell's. This body that let's me run 13.1 miles at a clip. And maybe 26.2 one day? We'll see.  

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  1. Good job, girl!!! You're amazing! How did you train fora half? I'm lucky if I can run 4 km!