A few weeks ago Andrey and I packed up and headed out to the 4H camp in Riverhead to run a 15K Zombie Survival Race. It was a great course. The only “meh” part was that we did the 15K, which is just the 5K course 3 times. Which gets sort of..you know, old. My other only complaint was that when we started it was a crazy party..and by the time the 15k-ers were done the crowd was diminished, they weren’t making burgers anymore, and it was generally depressing. Other than that, the race was really hard, it pushed us to our physical limit. I had what might be referred to as a melt down/panic attack after the first lap. I was sure I could not continue, that finishing was a far, far off unreality. Andrey talked to me, quietly and sweetly, held my hand and headed for the start line again. I whimpered, but followed. Soon after we were told that a lot of people had dropped out already. Well- that made me want to finish more than anything ever has! I refused to quit. And I'm glad I didn't, it was quite a push- but I am glad we finished together!

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