So, now that being pregnant is over with, I realized it is high time to redo, reorganize, and revamp my wardrobe. I'm no longer a little girl, I'm a mom, and I need a hip, versatile, and comfortable wardrobe which makes my life easier. So, I've decided to pair down, reassess and start over. Here's the color palette I've chosen for myself. It's based after colors which I love, colors which look good on me, things I already own, and mostly importantly, colors which can easily be worn together (yes, much to my lovely husband's chagrin, I wear navy and black together!). I think if I keep it to these colors, I can make much easier decisions not only in getting dressed for life, but in shopping too. 

Here's what I'm starting with: I have a black puffy vest which is basically my life. Seriously. I wore it every single day when I was first preggo. Know where I got it? An old student of mine (um, a 14 year old boy) was done with it and his mom passed it down to me. Weird, but I love it. My BB Dakota leather (fake) jacket. It's short, it's cute, it's warm. I have a bunch of oversized sheer blouses. One is maternity, but it's more like "maternity" from ASOS, because there's no difference in sizing. The others were hand-me-overs from Jenny. I am in love with my collection of long cardigans. Black, brown, and grey. And, I start this journey with a great pair of leather boots (no, not the Frye ones pictured) which were last year's Christmas gift from Eric, my Minnetonkas, and my brown Steve Madden Troopas. I also own an arsenal of black tank tops, and on that note, about a million colored tank tops which need to be sifted through. I also have a ton of Forever21 jersey dresses and I can't decide if they're too young for me or not. Also, black leggings. Love them. And, I have about 3 larger-ish plaid shirts which I love.  Two are from my in-laws and one is a vintage JG Hook shirt which was my grandma's!

Thus the journey begins. We're on a tight budget, and I only want pieces I absolutely love love love. I'm the sort of person who loves rules to follow, so I'm excited to follow my own rules and build up a new style for myself!

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