Olivia and I are clearly, very excited for our Team Whole 30 (#LovelyW30). I am completing two big races followed by a massage, 2 days of eating whatever and then heading into my Whole 30. The Whole 30 has always been special to me, it exposed me to my milk allergy- the discovery of which has changed my life. I don't have to nap every day due to sinus issues, I am no longer grumpy because I just-don't-feel-good-ugh! My neck hurts a whole lot less, I've saved approximately $1,500 not going to physical therapy because my neck pain was relieved. So, no joke, the Whole 30 program changed my life.

The Whole 9 website is a great resource for you. Camaraderie and solidarity will get you through the harder days. Do not forget there are so many others in this with you! Facing the challenging days (like Days 3 and 4 are traditionally the "kill all the things" days, but remember- this too shall pass!). That all being said here are some resources you should bookmark from the Whole 9 website.

    • The Official "Can I have?" post
    • And the "Can I have?" forum, people have the same queries you do!
    • Traveling or have to go out to dinner while you're Whole 30-ing? Check out the Travel and Dining Out Forum. Also, our best advice- check out the menu ahead of time, don't feel silly making lots of requests/changes, just be nice and tip! Feel free to eat a yummy W30 compliant meal ahead of time, or have something ready to eat when you get home. This is only 30 days, if you need to be a little "high maintenance" that's okay! But remember this- high maintenance is a terrible term- I'm sure I seem it whenever I go out. Waiters probably think I'm very dramatic ordering dairy free everything, but I'm super, super allergic (like I carry an epipen), this is my life, they can manage to put up with me for one meal (I have to put up with myself for every meal!).
    • Hey you vegetarians! This forum is JUST for you. Check it. 
    • We all can get into a little trouble, we all are a little trouble (the good kind!)- the Troubleshooting Forum is wonderful place to peruse when you're confused and check in with people who know what they're talking about. Don't ever be afraid to ask a question! Look around and see if someone else did, but never be nervous to participate- it's a really lovely community!

We're so excited for you to start our new Whole 30 journey with us! Feel free to shoot us any questions (we are by no means experts, just enthusiasts!), complaints or concerns!

Remember to tweet and instagram your Lovely Whole 30 with #LovelyW30

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