When I first embarked on my Whole30, I had thoroughly read It Starts With Food front to back (truth: the night before my first Whole30, I was so excited to start that I didn't sleep!)...but it was also all the amazing Paleo bloggers out there who got me through my first (and successive) Whole30s. I'm sharing with you some of my favorite blog posts which got me through my Whole30s, as well as some of my own tips.

Some of my personal tips for rocking the Whole30: 
  • Be prepared! You will need Whole30 compliant meat (most deli meats are NOT compliant! Some Applegate meats are...but remember to check ingredients!) Since you do need a protein at every meal, plan ahead and cook a bunch of meat so you're never at a loss at a meal.
  • Same goes for veggies: buy a ton of your favorites and keep them in the fridge...you will be shocked at how fast you use them up! (I always have zucchini, cucumbers, peppers, lettuce, avocado, and carrots in the fridge...plus I mix in "fun" veggies I find at the market like bok choy or cauliflower)
  • Remember to read ingredients! I screwed up my first Whole30 on day 5 because I used a spray coconut oil with soy lecithin in it! 
  • Do it with a friend...always helps having company!
  • Don't paleo-fy anything--this is one of the tenets of the Whole30--no turning treat-food into Paleo food for the Whole30--remember, this is a mind-body experience! I learned early on that I can't do "paleo pancakes" because even though they're simply made with banana, egg, and pumpkin (or whatever it is), and separate, all of those ingredients won't cause a mental "food food food" reaction in my head--when turned into pancakes, they make me ravenously hungry! It's all in my head...so watch out for that. 
  • Use the blogs/Whole9 forums...if you're ever in doubt about something, ask! I learned a ton about my Whole30s via twitter Paleo friends and on the Whole9 forums

Some meal inspiration from blogs!

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