This Whole 30, while not hard, was certainly challenging. Olivia and I had big plans of planning. We had whole weeks planned, with shopping lists! But when it came down to it- we couldn't quite make our plans our realities. Maybe it's us, we're not big menu planners, maybe it's the Whole 30- but we found that breakfasts were often very similar day to day and we both got into food obsessions which were unique and strange in their own ways. Hard to plan or batch cook when you just want to roll with the food punches. Add into this a baby who doesn't always let you eat/cook/shop when and how you want and a significant other who did a great Whole 30 but also has opinions on what he wants to eat and wasn't there for menu planning. That was our biggest challenge.

My personal struggle was the need to shut my life down a bit for the Whole 30. See when I was doing a Whole 30 by myself in my couple (i.e. Andrey wasn't) I felt it wasn't so hard to order something somewhat "meh" at Panera. I'm used to heavily editing menu items- when you can't eat butter, cheese, milk- it happens a lot and you learn to live with it and accept a bland meal here and there. But with Andrey on Team Lovely Whole 30, I felt bad forcing him to have a flavorless salad at some cafe. Plus, why should TWO people go out to eat if neither can really eat? Exactly. So we had to sort of hover near home. Couldn't go to the outlets at 10 AM on a Saturday because.. lunch?! Anyway, small complication- but something to notice.

On the positive side- I did truly adore the feeling of knowing everyday I was eating good, whole food that was making my body run cleaner and more efficiently. This sort of outweighs everything else. I PR-ed my 5K during a Whole 30 with no inhaler. If that doesn't say it all, what does?

How'd your Whole 30s go, lovelies? If they're still going- how are they? Tips? Complaints? Let's hear it all!

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