Need to get a sweet gift for a baby in your life? Check out this adorable holiday attire! Weston has the first onesie, and I'm temped to buy him the Mistletoe outfit, too! These are a great gift for a new niece, nephew, friend's baby, or your own! 

  1. My First Christmas Onesie, $8, Carters (on Ebates!)
  2. My First Christmas Pants Set, $12, Carters (on Ebates!)
  3. Who Needs Santa When I've Got Grandma Onesie, $7, Carters (on Ebates!)
  4. My First New Year Onesie, $7, Old Navy (on Ebates!)
  5. My First Christmas Bib, $9, Carters (on Ebates!)
  6. Holiday Mistletoe Outfit, $25, Gap (on Ebates!)
  7. Santa Outfit, $15, H&M

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