I'm going to admit something which I'm sure a lot of women feel (but don't say!): When I found out I was having a boy I was a little bummed. I had a few days of total shock. I mean, a boy! How would I relate to him? What would I say? How boring would it be to dress him! But, alas, like many thing in life, I was flat out wrong. My boy has become my best bud, we play for hours, and dressing him like a little man is the most fun I've ever had. I quickly realized that the world of baby clothing can be very silly. So, we decided to skirt around any "baby-baby" clothing and dress this kid like a little adult. Many people have told us he looks way older than he is because he wears boots, jeans, button downs and non-baby "colors." The other thing I realized was that certain stores are just better for buying baby clothes! We shop pretty much only at Old Navy, H&M, Carter's and Osh Kosh.

I divide his clothing up in categories: there's short sleeve onesies (which he wears under long sleeved onesies for winter), long sleeved onesies, pants, shirts/sweaters, pajamas, and outdoor clothing. We get the majority of his short sleeved onesies from Carter's. They fit snugly and are soft! I cannot stand not-soft clothing for him. The long sleeved onesies we get from H&M (3 for $12!), and Carter's in sets (when they're on sale, so they become 4 for $15 or so). The pants I dress him in 80% of the time are the H&M sweat pants. They're soft, loose, and comfy for a very active boy. We have them in all the colors! I love the jeans from Carter's. They have a soft band inside, but fit so adorably. As for shirts, we get most of them at Old Navy, and some t-shirts at H&M. I love that crocodile playing the guitar shirt!

Pajamas I get from two places: Old Navy, when they're on sale, and Carter's. Just for reference, he's 4.5 months old, about 17 pounds, and is wearing 6 month pajamas from both places. To sleep, since it's winter, we put him in a Swaddleme sleep sack (NOTE: we keep his arms out of the sleep sack, I've heard that when keeping the arms IN the sleep sack, the swaddle part has a tendency to rise up and MAY cover the face! By keeping the arms out, it prevents this from happening--this is only in the swaddle sleep sack. We used the regular Swaddleme for sleeping from about two weeks old to two and a half months old. Once he could suck his fingers, we changed to the swaddleme sleepsack, since he still likes the feeling of being swaddled a little.).

As for outdoor clothing, we bought the brown pea-coat for him as a newborn, and he wore it until about two months old. It's fleece and we loved it. I bought the faux-suede and blue puffer from Gymboree, but to be honest, he doesn't wear them really ever. It's a pain to put him in the car in a coat (and not safe, actually), so often times we put him in a heavy over-shirt or sweater, with a blanket in the car. However, I sing the praises of these H&M boots! I love, love, love them. They are warm and have velcro--so easy! I also love this H&M hat, it's soft and he actually wears it without getting upset.

Other than that, I love Joe Fresh, we get some very nice clothing from Gap (though their necklines stretch out too much, I think!), and occasionally we find things at Marshalls, TJ Max, Nordstrom Rack, etc. I love dressing my little man more than I ever thought I would!

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