In the "Baby Stuff We ACTUALLY Use" series, I'm talking about things we use for real life! When I was pregnant and searching for things online, people would always post about what they "should/could/may" theoretically use, but not what they actually tried-and-true used! So, these posts are all about what we 100% actually use in real life. All of the images and write ups you see are about the ACTUAL item I'm talking about. Remember, these are all my opinions and what works for Weston and us, so these things may not work for you--but, I remember being so confused when I was pregnant--so I thought maybe this would help give direction to any pregnant/new moms out there! 

So, when it came to diapers, I have to admit, I thought I was all set. I signed up for Honest diapers two months before he was born. I was excited. I got their trial, and I thought, "awe, how little and cute these are, and what adorable designs!" I didn't really think beyond that. I read and re-read Lauren's post on diapers, and was all set. Except that my little guy decided to come three weeks early. And uh oh...the Honest diapers were too big! Also, they were a little stiff. Also, he leaked a ton in them! So, my mom ran out and picked up the Pampers Swaddlers Sensitive, and bam--we were hooked. Here's the clincher though, and something Lauren touches on: the Pampers Swaddlers DO have a funny smell--but the Pampers Swaddlers Sensitive ones don't! We use (and Amazon), but they are also sold at Target. He used the preemie size for about two weeks and then graduated to size 1, and then size 2 at about three months old. He hasn't had any major accidents in them (beyond his sleeping too long and peeing a lot...which happens), and they keep him clean and dry! I'm a fan.

When it came to wipes, we opted for the Huggies natural brand. We buy them at Costco, and I kid you not, the box lasted us three months. I like getting the little travel packs for the diaper bag (I found it very annoying that Honest didn't give you a box for the wipes! It was impossible to get them out during a changing!). 

When it comes to preventing/treating diaper rash, we use the good old standard Desitin

As I touched on in my Nursery post, we have this changing pad on his diaper changing station, but it was driving us crazy in the first few weeks he was born because he would pee every time we would change him! We kept having to wash the canvas cover. Thankfully, my mother came to the rescue with these wonderful disposable pads (I used them for recovery in the hospital!), and we kept one on the changing pad whenever we would change him. They are soft cotton for his body, but waterproof! I still use them once in a while before or after a bath when there's a possibility of a spray sans diaper. Seriously, they were an amazing parental find which we LOVED having in those first few weeks! 

The other thing which kept us sane in the first few weeks were mittens (any kind will do as long as they stay on!)--the kid would claw at his face every time he could--so we kept his hands covered at all times. However, you can't do that when you're changing him. We would keep mittens on the diaper changing station and throw them on him as soon as we took his clothes off to change him. This way he didn't scratch his face up (before we could file/cut his nails) during a changing. 

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