I'm lucky in that Weston adores bathtime. It's a nice time for me to sit and relax, while watching him squirm around and play in the water. A teacher friend at school recommended this Fisher Price tub and I am so happy with it! We used the "hammock" insert for about 3 months, and when he grew out of it, we took the insert out and put the "bump" in. The bump piece in the middle keeps the babies from slipping down, enabling them to safely and comfortably sit on their own in the tub! The first time we put him in the tub without the hammock he kicked like crazy for half an hour; it was hysterical and wonderful. Bath also has a very easy to read thermometer and comes with some bath toys. The hook on it makes it easy to hang either in the shower or on the towel rack, as we do.

While in tub, I wash the babe with Babyganics shampoo. There's nothing "bad" in it, it smells like...a baby...and it never bothers his eyes! Also, you can use it on the body and hair--wonderful idea, we love this stuff.

I hate taking him out of a warm bath into the cold air, but the Spasik towels make it all a little better! I use the wash cloths in the bath to wash his hair and body, and the hooded towel is soft on his cold little body. I'm sure he will grow out of these 100% cotton towels soon, but for now, they're adorable and warm and cozy.

Post bath, I always use Babyganics moisturizer on him, especially in the winter! Admittedly, I also use this on my wintered hands!

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