I wanted to share the traditional Russian Honey cake recipe I made for Andrey for his birthday. I used Olga's Flavor Factory's recipe and it turned out AMAZING. My advice would be not to make it when taking care of your 6 month old nephew, because the layers each cook for 4-5 minutes, so it's a quick and oven open-close heavy recipe. I would also either make 1.5 times the frosting or just straight up double the frosting - everyone was enjoying scraping the bowl as a dip with the scrap pieces of cake. I also want to try making 1.5 times of the cake recipe and making the cake taller (and probably less stable)- but taller would look so cool! The cake was delicious- even though I strictly NEVER eat dairy (highly allergic) I actually had a bite and it was so worth it, even if I was fairly sick for the rest of the night. And that says a lot.

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