I'm a huge fan of Shark Tank; so, when I saw the couple behind GrooveBook on to share their concept, I was hooked (no pun intended!). The concept is this: you download the GrooveBook app to your phone, once a month you upload 100 photos from your phone to the app, and in 10-12 days you receive a photobook with the pictures printed. They come perforated, so they are easy to take out of the book and give away, frame, scrapbook, etc. The service is only $2.99 a month, so I took the plunge, because what else does a new mom need but more ways to get photos of the baby? Further, you can chose to send extra GrooveBooks (another $2.99) to family and friends.

I signed up, chose my 100 photos, and waited for my first book to come in the mail. I thought this would be a wonderful way to share photos with grandparents, as I could easily send my monthly book to Eric's parents in Illinois. I just got my first book in the mail yesterday, and I had mixed feelings about it, so I wanted to share my quick review!

First off, I was a little bummed by the photo quality. Yes, they are iPhone photos, but I take them in really good light most of the time, and honestly, when I get them printed by Shutterfly/Snapfish, the photos are totally fine. These were duller colors and more pixelated and a bit blurry. Also, I guess I should have read the info about the photos better, because when they say they are printed on glossy photo paper, they mean real paper. It's not regular, thicker photos, it's a thinner paper. I don't love that. They seem flimsier than real photos. Between the color issue and the paper issue, in my opinion, they aren't archival quality photos (not that anyone ever said they were, but when I get photos printed, I want to be able to save them forever, right?).

That being said, there are some elements I do like a lot! I love that each photo has a time and date stamp. That is cool. I like being able to tear out the photos (I just tore two out to put on my desk at work). I love how easy it is to use the app, the convenience factor is huge for a busy working mama. I love that I can do monthly books to keep up with the monthly photos I take of Weston. The cover is always different every month, and it's a thicker cardboard with protection on it, so I could just put the book in the bookshelf at home and it would be fine. I think, with these quality photos, they're perfect for needing photos for say...a card for someone, or a scrapbook project, or bringing to work--they aren't heirloom photos, but they are useful to have.

Will I continue my GrooveBook subscription? Yes, I will! I love having easy access to printed photos of my son. I love that I can guilt free send photos to people, since each book is only $2.99. I really love the time and date stamp on the photos. Also, I love that it's run by a small company, and they truly care about what they're doing.

Want to try GrooveBook no strings attached? Use code HOWELL383 and get your first book FREE! Simply download the free GrooveBook app, follow signup instructions, enter promo code at checkout, and begin uploading your photos! You can cancel anytime, as well.

Have you tried GrooveBook? What do you think?

PS. All of these opinions are my own, I paid for my own GrooveBook, as well. 


  1. Ooh, I loved getting your honest opinion on this. I think I'll try the free one. I would also be disappointed by the print quality and paper as you described it, but in the photos of your photos (!) they look great. Like you, I'm picky about these visual things, and I'm glad you prepared me.

  2. Quality used to be amazing. Once Shutterfly bought it...pic color and clarity suck. I cancelled my acct. Just want people to know...this is not a get what you pay for kind of thing...because it once was awesome value with perfect pics....Shutterfly ruined it! Sad to say!