My last big Weston post was when he was three months old (!!), and so much has changed since then. I wish new parents could see into the future and know that the baby will grow, will mature, and will become...well, more human. Those first three months are killer, man! But, we got through those, and the next three, and now my little man is eight months old. That's four months until one! Holy moly.

Weston, simply put, is the nicest person I know. He's funny, charming, sweet, and happy. Yes, it is hard to be a full time working mom (and blogger!), and keep a household clean, fed, and happy...but watching him learn and grow is all worth it.

Some new things:

  • We changed bottles to the Evenflo glass ones, and he can actually hold these on his own! That was a life changing moment for me. Now, I can cook dinner, and he lies down and will drink a bottle and watch Sesame Street, listen to music, or "chat" with me. Often, he plays with his toys and drinks slowly at the same time.
  • Speaking of toys, his favorites are this amazingly fun piano, crinkle monkey (whom we call Munkle), crinkle book, his soft blocks, his own remote control (though, he still steals the real ones any chance he gets), and his Green Sprouts stacking cups (he loves to pretend to drink!).
  • He is most certainly an outdoor kid; even in the coldest winter months, he was happy to be outside and look around. 
  • He loves being upside down and thrown in the air! 
  • Mirrors. The kid loves to look at himself. All day, every day. 
  • We invested in this travel crib, and use it as a playpen. I love that it has mesh sides, so he can see us and we can see him! 

He's just the friendliest kid, and no matter what we're doing, he is so happy to take in the scene and enjoy the moment. 

This warm weather has been so much fun for us both and I cannot wait until Summertime. This kid is going to love, love, love swimming (by the by, baby boys' swimming trunks: way too cute), and the beach. Anyone have any suggestions for fun outdoor toys? Let me know!   


  1. That is such an adorable picture of him with the guitar! And thank you for the recommendation on the travel crib - I need to invest in one as well! How much would you say it weighs?

  2. Congrats and what a cutie! Mirrors are the best toys:)